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The technological innovation that Eidos is doing creates opportunity, generates ideas, generates business and importantly encourages debate - well guess what? We need to be doing this inside and outside government.
MindHive has got great potential to help scope a problem more effectively before we invest critical time and resources in designing and implementing a strategy.
I wanted to try MindHive as a way of seeking broader input into a question that has been puzzling me for some time, which was essentially ‘how do you consult the broader community about complex policy issues?’ The problem particularly relates to my role in re-introducing a government body in Queensland (the Sentencing Advisory Council) that will have a legislative function to not only seek the views of the community about a particular topic (sentencing in the Queensland courts), but also to influence those views and educate the community at the same time. I was amazed at the response! There was such a cross-section of people who had thoughts about the question I posed, and some really rich and interesting ideas that I could use to seek the views of particular sub-groups in the community. Thank you MindHive for a great way to get me started on the journey of consulting with the community.
MindHive provided us with enhanced visibility and information gathering capability. We used the platform to facilitate a project that involved collaboration and participation from the academics, public servants and industry partners. It is helpful to be able to have everyone in one digital room. The team behind MindHive was extremely helpful and supportive and I am looking forward to see how the platform allows to build the flood insights further.