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Do not worry, we get it all the time - So we have just joined MindHive - now what? 

Well first of all Congratulations! and Welcome to the world's best community of problem solvers, nice to have you onboard! 

We have got it covered just follow the steps below - you'll be off and racing in no time. 

So here's the challenge. You need to be engaged to solve problems. You need to learn some new ways of engaging with problem solvers. How will we do this? We'll work with you on building a team of champions – only needs to be small – remember it only takes a spark to get a fire going. We'll want to work with your IT and HR people (with your permission!) – there's some great options on getting the staff engaged and actively using. We have a simple five step process articulated below. 

We know your employees are busy. This process ensures that your organisation is set up and ready to go from day one, and aims at making the sign up process as simple and quick as possible.

Always put your mind to the following if a little lost: 

Why MindHive?

As an opportunities marketplace, MindHive matches ideas and solutions with problems.

How does MindHive work?

Members engage the MindHive problem solving network in a way that is a push and pull – creating and leveraging value.

What value does MindHive give me, myself and I?

MindHive is about problem solving, ultimately your problem needs to be solved or your idea developed into a solution. We provide the mechanism; the rest is up to you.

Let's get started, download the Implementation Checklist and explore the below! 


See you in the Hive,

Ryan & the MindHive Team


Organisational Dashboard

  • User Integration

    All employees and/or members of Mindhive Partner Organisations have unlimited access to unique publishing rights. Like a gym membership it remains the responsiblity of the organisation as to how they utilise the platform. The strongest value proposition is open-access, which is why we have built into our implementation a user intergration, whereby access is automatically granted via a back-end profile creation. Using individual creditals (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Position Title) we can auto-generate unique profiles for all employees. Not only does this allow staff to tap into and contribute to problem solving, but promotes tech agility and skillsets development which is becoming increasingly relevant in this digital age. 

    This is all done via .csv file available upon request by emailing 

    Tip: The more employees/members you intergrate the stronger the return on investment; the more problems get solved. 

  • IT Integration

    Mindhive is a website, not a software. It can be remotely accessed from anywhere.  It is mobile friendly. The other benefit of being a web-based platform is our easy integration with your internal intranet and external webpage(s) - please reach out to book a session between your Organisation's IT department and the Mindhive Development team via 


  • Partnership Communications

    A critical aspect of a Mindhive Partnership is the way in which the organisation promotes and communicates its involvement in problem solving. Once formalised, it is important that an Executive level member of staff announces the partnership to staff and/or members of the Organisation. Download the following Internal Announcement and use it as a draft.


    Tip: If you need some wordsmiths - reach out to us on 


  • Implementation Workshop


    The goals of the implementation workshop are: 

    1. Providing the new license holders with the effective setup and coaching to ensure the best start with the Mindhive platform and community.
    2. Enhancing the quality and extent of the expert community by integrating new organisations for the mutual benefit of the community and the new member.


    Download the following and distribute to attendees:  Agenda  

    It is very busy - so book in a time with our friendly team on We run these workshops via webinar, in-person workshops are available upon special request. 

    Tip: best to coordinate after Partnership Communications (internal annoucement) and User Integration. 

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