A key part of the MindHive vision is to engage and create a diverse, disruptive and truly collaborative network of problem solvers. There’s over 13,000 of us now.  

ORCid (Open Research and Contributor ID) are unique identifiers for researchers. ORCid provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized. 

Now you can just leave your ORCid identifier in your MindHive comments and contributions. 

Here are ten things you need to know about ORCid and MindHive: 

  • ORCid protects your unique scholarly identity every MindHive comment you make
  • Creating an ORCid identifier takes 30 seconds
  • ORCid is getting big fast - ten-fold growth
  • ORCid lasts longer than your email address
  • 37 types of work are supported - from articles to performances - including MindHive
  • You control who views your ORCid information
  • ORCid has granular privacy controls.
  • ORCid is glue for all your research services - repositories, funding agencies, and more - Journals, funders & institutions are moving to ORCid
  • When everyone has an ORCid identifier, scholarship gets better
  • ORCid is open source, open data, and community-driven 


ORCid gives our academic Hivers an opportunity to more effectively and purposefully track their impact and contribution via MindHive. It’s great news for them, it’s great news for us, and most importantly it’s great news for the rest of the Hive. 

 There is, and has always been, a need to ensure that universities and other research institutes don’t become silos of information, isolated monoliths with so much to give but few ways to give it. 

 In an industry of expanding expectations and contracting resources, the challenge for many researchers is finding the time to contribute meaningfully to policy and industry problems outside of traditional avenues. Universities and researchers around the country are aware of this and are actively trying to identify pathways to translate more research into more solutions. 

 MindHive offers a tool for researchers to identify new partnership and new problems to apply their research to. It provides an avenue to translate influence in research into influence in policy and strategy; you can increase efficiencies in existing collaboration and more readily identify the challenges immediately facing government and industry. 

 Our new partnership helps the everyday academic meet their quotas and KPIs. 


Connecting your ORCID iD to MindHive provides added benefits including:

Publish your contributions - If you connect your ORCID iD and grant permission to read and update your ORCID record, we will publish any contributions to working papers you make on MindHive to your ORCiD profile.

Synchronise your publications - We fetch your latest 5 publications from the ORCiD database and link them against your profile to reduce manual data entry and enhance your MindHive profile.

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