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A Success Story

Dr Jerome Donovan, Swinburne University of Technology

Jerome worked as part of a cross functional team in the Strategy and Delivery Division at Prime Minister & Cabinet, contributing to the development of a scoping study on collaborative business models and regional value chains.

Jerome is currently the Co-Program Leader for Innovation and Internationalisation within the Centre for Enterprise Performance and a Lecturer in International Business. Prior to joining academia Jerome spent time working with the Australian Defence Force, as well as working and researching overseas in Japan and the United States of America. His research interests include firm internationalisation, innovation, impact assessments (business processes), and international development.


Jerome has published in a number of leading international journals, international conferences and a book across international business, international relations and foreign policy. Currently, he is working on a number of large external projects (with external funding of over AUD$1.5 million), including with six national governments across ASEAN (Myanmar, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines) on developing a best practice model for integrated impact assessments, increasing export performance in SMEs (Vietnam), and profiling innovation practices and performance in the Australia Manufacturing Sector (with the AMCRC).

In Jerome’s Words…

"Overall, my secondment with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) through the Eidos Institute was a rewarding and interesting experience. While much of my previous experience in working with national governments has been within Asia (and in particular, across six countries in ASEAN), this secondment allowed me a greater insight into the Australia perspective of policy development and formation. This was particularly valuable in allowing me a point of comparison of the processes for policy development, reflecting on the strengths of PM&C as the central department tasked with providing policy advice and support to the Federal government. I hope this worthy initiative led by the Eidos Institute continues to engage with academia and government in increasing the level of collaboration between both Federal and State level departments and academics. A collaborative approach to engaging with pressing social, environmental and economic problems facing Australia will ensure that the best and brightest minds can be brought together to pave a pathway to a sustainable future for our country."

Secondment overview

  • Scoping study on regional value chains and Australian business engagement within Asia
  • Study was conducted within the context of the Australia in the Asian Century Taskforce and the Australia in the Asian Century Whitepaper
  • Overall objective was to contribute towards the development of a public policy position on how the Australian government was going to enhance business engagement within the Asia region

Jerome's contribution

Contributed towards the development of the scoping study and cabinet memo which was to provide public policy position for enhancing business engagement in Asia

  • Project management
  • Data collection and analysis for both primary and secondary data
  • Semi-structured interviews, focus groups and panel data was utilised
  • Trained colleagues of qualitative data collection techniques and methods
  • Value of participating in the secondment program
  • Understanding how public policy is developed within the Australian context
  • Established networks across Australian federal government departments

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