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Social licence to operate and the public interest for the red meat industry 1 0

Industry’s social licence to operate has been challenged by growing concerns around such major issues as animal welfare, health concerns about red meat consumption and the potential environmental impacts of the industry

How about jobs? 

Or the cost of buying red meat?

So how much does this really matter?

Any options for change to the current arrangements for industry will by necessity have to be able to deliver demonstrably enhanced industry outcomes over the current arrangements and have a broader remit to engage stakeholders from across Australian society.

An important step in evaluating any new industry arrangements is to review what is the public interest.

It should also be the driving motivation for industry-led efforts to design self-regulation and co-regulation mechanisms.

A number of public interest components were identified which we have grouped into the following categories:

  • Helping your business/organisation?
  • Responding to community concerns about the industry?
  • Understanding consumer needs/issues?
  • Promoting self-determination for the industry?
  • Being flexible and resilient enough to deal with today’s challenges, and those of the future?

What do you think matters in relation to promoting social licence to operate for the red meat industry?

What is the public interest in industry reform?

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