MindHive Academy

Today’s innovation problems are tough to solve. The traditional methods that have served government and business well for decades no longer seem to work. To answer the most vexing innovation and research questions, crowds are becoming the partner of choice. Crowdsourcing changes the rules of innovation and problem-solving by bringing the power of collective intelligence to organisations, enabling them to become more efficient and agile.

The MindHive Academy delivers two critical courses to provide our future workforce with the skills they require to participate in the evolving world of business, government, and consumer ecosystems. Ecosystems are the next evolution for digital.
It’s how you compete at scale.

Course 1: Using the Crowd as an Innovation Partner

Join MindHive CEO, Bruce Muirhead, in a 100% hands-on live session where he'll share best practice strategies for creating ideas and solving problems faster and cheaper via crowdsourcing expertise….and some of the cool features we’ve just released. 

This course is exclusively designed to help you design a challenge that can engage with expertise to solve, while allowing you better to understand the emerging crowd expertise available to you, improve your productivity and differentiate you from other organisations.

You'll learn how to:

• Create idea evidence through crowdsourcing 
• Tools for online idea generation
• Build and sustain idea and expert crowds
• Engage diverse expertise that can solve challenges and develop strategy
• Access constructive thinking from all disciplines
• Access expert advice
• Speeding up consultation
• Delegating policy formulation
• Gather the range of ideas from stakeholders and see the trends occurring
• Work on a future ‘disruption’ scenario case study

Course 2: Orchestrating Innovation Networks

Join MindHive CEO, Bruce Muirhead, in a 100% hands-on live session which builds on existing skills harnessing the combinations of people, skills and technology and scaling up and down dynamically to match changing workload demands for efficient and product problem-solving and idea design. 

You'll learn how to:

• Understanding and skills development in orchestrating innovation networks and ecosystems
• Benefiting from the fragmentation of expertise and knowledge mobility
• implement a ‘Framework for Orchestration in Innovation Networks’ to ensure the creation and extraction of value
• Ideate and strategize utilising a proven problem-solving methodology to execute solutions
• Promote value creation and network stability
• Outrank your competition on efficiency and productivity
• Strategies for responding to challenges with speed and at scale
• Plan for future impacts and disruption of block chain, AI and machine learning
• Models for creating idea evidence, idea generation, and idea crowds