How can the Victorian Government create a culture of co-design and really listen to citizens? 25

The Victorian Government is establishing an online consultation and engagement hub to increase our knowledge of our citizens' needs to improve policy and service delivery.  However, the establishment of a platform is just the beginning of this process. Is additional support needed to ensure a consultation hub is useful to your work and/or you are interested in contributing?

We're interested in all thoughts and opinions but the following questions may help guide you.

If you're from the Victorian Government:

What existing policy development processes are in place that we need to be aware of and work in with?

What are the blockers preventing co-design and how can we overcome them?

How can we share knowledge across our departments more systematically? What do you want to know about?

If you're external to government (or from another government):

What has worked (or not worked) already? How do we know?

What would make you want to contribute to a co-design process? A particular topic, knowledge of the process, how easy it is to use or something else?


What is co-design? Actively involving all stakeholders in the design process to help ensure the result meets their needs and is usable.

Are you sure you want to do this?